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Ginny Dixon
Manolo Doreste
Elena Ehrenwald
Vanessa Lam
Dario Maldonado
Jorge Parra
Chendo PĂ©rez


The Batchelor Foundation
Hector Family Foundation
Miami Children's Museum
His House Childre's Home
Kids Hope United
Tropicolor Digital Imaging
Miami-Dade County


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The Waiting: 2009

An exhibition of children
long awaiting adoption

Miami Children's Museum

November 7 through 30, 2009



Fotomission presents the sixth installment of The Waiting exhibition.

The project’s mission is to elevate the level of awareness on the issue of adoption.  By putting a face on this issue, we hope to create an opportunity for the public to empathize with the children and connect with those who are trying to help them.

Every year we ask a group of socially conscious photographers to donate their time and resources to help us prepare this wonderful exhibition. In it, we feature some of the many children in our community that are in foster care awaiting adoption. These are the
hard-to-place kids, the ones who are often overlooked only because of their age.
They too need homes, guidance and love.

In each touching portrait the photographer has captured an expression of the innermost character of the child. Their personal style, gestures and facial expressions allow us glimpses into their souls.

On behalf of all the children in foster care, we effusively thank our sponsors and volunteers for their generous and continued support. Without their contributions the success of this project would not have been possible.

We hope this exhibition touches your heart and that you will reflect on it and speak of it, for with a little caring we can all make a difference.

Thank you,

Chendo Pérez
Exhibition Organizer