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About Us

Fotomission is a volunteer operated 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and promoting photography, as well as producing events, artistic and documentary exhibitions, publications and presentations of significant and socially conscious photographic endeavors.

Photography is a powerful language; it is the language of light. With it we strive to understand and shed light on the complexities of human activity, its dependence on its causes and in connection with its effects, not merely in relation to how it affects us as individuals, but our world as a whole.

No other form of communication or expression has done as much to transform our sense of self, our daily lives and our society as the photograph. Photography is probably the most influential medium of the modern era.

Our mission is to utilize artistic and documentary photography as a means for creating positive social change.

Fotomission will further its purposes by:
Organizing and presenting exhibitions and publications of diverse styles of photography by individual photographers and collective groups of photographers in order to educate the public, raise the level of awareness to issues and create opportunities for understanding and connection.
Increasing access to artistic and documentary photographic essays to a large and diverse public and under-served populations, especially children, minorities and teenagers.
Expanding the distribution and exhibition network of the essays of artistic and documentary photographers.
Helping to broaden the public's appreciation of the art of photography.
Fostering sustainable careers in photography through education and promotional efforts.